Veal, Goat and Rabbit On – Farm Innovation Challenge Deadline Fast Approaching

The deadline for entries is fast approaching for the inaugural “On-Farm Innovation Challenge” organized by Ontario Veal, Ontario Goat and Ontario Rabbit. Veal, goat and rabbit producers are encouraged to submit their entries by March 30th, 2012 in order to be eligible to win a number of cash prizes!

“If necessity is the mother of invention, than our farmers truly are some of the best inventors and innovators out there” stated Industry Development Manager Kendra Keels. “Every day on the farm, out of pure necessity and using common sense, farmers are always able to find solutions that can save both time and money” she added.

Keels added that sometimes farmers come up with the simplest of inventions or modifications on their farm that can make a really big difference in how the work is preformed or managed. “It is important to share these innovations and inventions with your fellow producers so that we can continue to develop our respective industries together” stated Keels. “That is why wehave implemented this challenge in order to bring to light some of the great ideas that are out there and in use every day” she added.

Ontario Veal, Ontario Goat and Ontario Rabbit, all partners in the Ontario Livestock Alliance, are calling on producers to showcase their inventions and innovations by entering the On-Farm Innovation Challenge. The submissions will be judged by an industry panel and there will also be a “People’s Choice” award voted on by fellow producers. All entries will be on display at this year’s Joint Annual General Meetings and Producer Education Day, taking place on April 11th at the Stratford Rotary Complex. Winners from each category will be announced at the Focus on Production Forum being held on June 6th.

“Innovations and inventions can be related to any aspect of your operation. The possibilities are endless” suggested Keels. She indicated that producers could look at areas such as labour saving techniques; animal handling; improvements in machinery; information management and computers; manure handling; ventilation; environmental issues; safety precautions; energy usage; weighing and sorting of animals; and more.

Full “On Farm Innovation Challenge” rules and entry details can be found on each of the organization’s websites:,, or by calling the Ontario Livestock Alliance office at 519-824-2942.

The challenge is only open to members of Ontario Veal, Ontario Goat and Ontario Rabbit. Categories for entry include: Veal; Rabbit; Dairy Goat; and Meat/Fibre Goat.

The Ontario Livestock Alliance is a partnership between the Ontario Veal Association, Ontario Goat and Ontario Rabbit with the goal of providing outstanding service to our respective members.

The Ontario Veal Association proudly serves Ontario’s grain-fed and milk-fed veal farmers. Ontario Goat represents Ontario’s milk, meat and fibre goat farmers with a united voice. Ontario Rabbit is committed to developing and enhancing Ontario’s progressive rabbit sector.