Finding research, management issues and production information about and for the veal industry can sometimes be a difficult process. This section is dedicated to providing topical, timely, and interesting information about the grain fed and milk fed sectors of the veal industry.

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Licence Fee FAQ
Who has to pay? How is the money collected? And answers to other frequently asked questions.

Becoming a grain-fed veal farmer in Ontario

Deciding to raise calves for the grain-fed veal market requires thorough and thoughtful planning. This fact sheet will help answer common questions and guide you in the right direction.

Maximizing the value of male dairy calves

Learn more about key aspects of calf management during the first nine days of life that will improve the value of male dairy calves leaving the farm, maximizing returns.

Learn more about Bill 156


Codes of Practice

Verified Veal Record-keeping Templates

Barn Fire Resources

Emergency Management

Business and Marketing

Beef Cattle Financial Protection

Government and Other Industry Partners

Ontario Agricultural Organizations

Canadian Agricultural Organizations


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