Summary: To be certified as an OVQAP herd

  • Apply to the OVA, which will enroll you and send you a copy of the manual plus related literature.
  • Complete the questionnaires and explanations asked for in the manual.
  • Complete both Feed and Medication inventory forms.
  • Begin maintaining Individual Treatment forms and Animal Movement forms.
  • After maintaining these forms for at least three (3) months, contact the OVA office or your validator to arrange a visit for certification.
  • This person will visit your farm, evaluate your operation, review your manual and check your record forms. Validation forms will be completed. The validator will keep one copy, give you a second copy, and forward the third copy to the OVA.
  • If this validation is satisfactory, the OVA will then certify your herd and issue Ontario Veal Quality Assurance ear tags.

To Maintain Certification

This process must be repeated annually and the Ontario Livestock Medicines Course for Veal must be successfully completed by the end of your third year of participation.

Audit Process

In order to maintain the integrity of this program, a percentage of the validators and participating producers will be audited each year. Trained OVA staff at no cost to the producer may complete this audit. While the audit will be totally random in selection, any evidence of non-compliance could trigger an audit and could result in loss of certification.