Calf Welfare Videos

Calf Welfare in the First 24 Hours

As part of the “On-farm animal welfare producer education series” project, Veal Farmers of Ontario (VFO) has created a video showing how to care for calves in the first 24 hours of life. The first 24 hours after a calf is born can have tremendous effects on their overall performance and health throughout their life. This makes early management and rearing practices a key component to raising a healthy, hardy calf for the dairy, veal and dairy-beef industries. Animal care is a top priority for VFO, and through new research projects, innovation and education, we continue to work with producers to find solutions to their on-farm issues and improve calf health in the province.

Veal Cattle Transport

Pascal Bouilly, Dairy Calf Supply Chain Manager at Grober Nutrition and Paul Ooudshorn, Owner and Operator at Ooudshorn Farms, discuss important considerations for transporting veal cattle such as selecting cattle for transport, preparing for transport, handling during loading and unloading, selecting a transporter and trailer, maintaining a comfortable environment in the trailer, and minimizing stress during transport.