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The Veal Farmers of Ontario is a producer-run organization representing both grain-fed and milk-fed veal farmers dedicated to promoting and enhancing a viable and competitive Ontario veal industry through innovation, marketing, advocacy and education.

We are pleased to report that on April 1st, 2015 the Veal Farmers of Ontario (VFO) came into force as a regulated marketing board under Regulation 272/14 and Regulation 58/15 under the Farm Products Marketing Act.

Effective April 1st, 2015, VFO will now be responsible for collecting licence fees (also known as check-off) in the amount of $4.00/head on veal cattle. This change will also be reflected in Regulation 54 of the Beef Cattle Marketing Act (BCMA) which states that cattle sold for the production of milk, and now veal as described above, will be exempt from licence fees under the BCMA.

Under these new regulations, “veal cattle” are defined as:

  1. Dairy bob calves (Holstein male calves or Holstein freemartin female calves) each weighing no more than 125 lbs (56.7 kg); or
  2. Calves of any breed that are to be sold for slaughter to a processor and the carcasses of which are to be processed into veal within the meaning of the Livestock and Poultry Carcass Grading Regulations.

However, the VFO, BFO and the Commission all recognize that common commercial practices in the industry will not necessarily fit within these definitions at this time so, as we work on practices, all parties have agreed that:

  • Licence fees for all dairy bob calves will be directed to VFO (regardless of how they were sold)
  • Licence fees for all veal calves sold by veal producers direct to slaughter will be directed to VFO, regardless if they grade as veal or not (this includes both milk-fed and grain-fed veal)
  • Licence fees for all live calf sales (excluding dairy bob calves as described above) at auction or by private treaty, even if the intent of the seller is to sell for veal, will remain directed as BFO check-off.

The following forms required for the remittance of the veal licence fees:

Please click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the VFO Licence Fees.