2016 Veal Farmers of Ontario Annual General Meeting and Producer Education Day

Veal Farmers of Ontario would like to thank everyone who came out and made our inaugural AGM and Producer Education Day a great success!

Click here for our 2015 Annual Report.



  • Inaugural Annual General Meeting for Veal Farmers of Ontario.
  • Aaron Hibma, Mallot Creek will discuss the results of the 2015 Carcass Benchmarking Study, which will allow producers to respond to changing demands of the marketplace and make more informed business decisions to improve profitability.
  • Jorge Correa, Canadian Meat Council will present an overview of the questions being asked by consumers when it comes to food safety, antibiotic use and animal welfare.
  • A panel will discuss the adoption of the Verified Veal Program (VVP), the Canadian on farm food safety program for veal. It continues to be requested by retailers and processors in order to meet consumer expectations.
  • Dr. Dave Renaud will review steps veal producers can take to improve early disease detection and how health and welfare can be improved by implementing a few changes to key areas of calf management.
  • Kendra Keels will review the Antibiotic Benchmarking Project, what is involved and what the vision is by undertaking a project of this nature.