110 veal calves killed in barn fire near Listowel

Our thoughts and prayers are with the farmer near Listowel who lost 110 calves in a barn fire on August 11th.

From the CBC:

A deadly barn fire near Dorking, Ont. east of Listowel killed 110 veal calves on Tuesday afternoon, in a scene one firefighter described as a “ball of flames.”

Rick Richardson, the fire chief of Mapleton Fire Rescue, said the firefighters were called around 1:15 p.m to respond to the fire, which had fully engulfed the barn on Wellington Road 10 just north of Wellington Road 86.

“It was a ball of flames when we got there,” said Richardson. There were four departments on the scene, including firefighters from Drayton and Moorefield which are part of Mapleton Fire Rescue, as well as Palmerston and Milverton. Over all 45 firefighters and 12 vehicles were on site.

“There were 110 head of veal calves inside, they were all lost,” said Richardson. “We concentrated on cooling down the exposures, the gas tank, the propane tank and outer building to contain it and we monitored that until the smoke calmed down last night about nine o’clock.”

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In an effort to provide our producers with as many resources as possible we have posted several barn fire resources to our website, including a Producer Factsheet, Dealing with the Aftermath of a Livestock or Poultry Barn Fire and Reducing the Risk of Fire on Your Farm. All of these resources can be found on our Resources page under Producer Info.